Wireless Merchant Accounts

Understanding merchant accounts can be difficult, but add the term “wireless” to a merchant account and you may become even more confused about what your business really needs. So what are wireless merchant accounts and why might you need one? You can learn all about a wireless merchant account right here.

Understanding Merchant Accounts
The “wireless” in a merchant account refers mostly to the equipment involved. The primary purpose of any merchant account is to process credit card payments or other types of electronic payments. To process those payments, you usually need some sort of credit card terminal to swipe credit cards, transfer credit card information to the merchant account provider, and get authorization for the card. Much of the equipment used for credit card processing relies on a couple of connections: electrical for power and internet or phone for communication. However, some businesses are mobile and need to process credit cards without being attached to one location. Wireless terminals allow that mobility.

Who Needs a Wireless Merchant Account?
There are plenty of businesses that can benefit from a wireless merchant account. Some of them are obvious and others might just surprise you. Find out if the business you run is one that can take advantage of wireless terminals.

Service Businesses
Some service businesses work out of an office and have no need to process payments in any other location. But in today’s increasingly hectic world, many service businesses are going to their customers instead of the other way around. Hair stylists, massage therapists, and even financial advisors now go to a customer’s home to fit their services into a client’s busy schedule. And most of those busy clients prefer to pay with a credit card. Without credit card equipment that can go where you go, you’ll have a hard time getting paid. If you own a service business and want to get paid as soon as your services are rendered, then you can definitely benefit from a wireless merchant account.

Restaurant Delivery
Have you ever ordered a pizza for delivery only to discover you have no cash? If your pizza place has a merchant account that is as mobile as its drivers, then there won’t be a problem. The driver can bring the credit card terminal with him, swipe your credit card when he delivers the pizza, get authorization for the card, and process the payment. The pizza place gets paid and you get dinner. This can work for a restaurant that specializes in delivery or one that offers eat-in, take-out, and delivery options.

Car Rental
The most popular vacation destinations are often crowded, causing long lines at the airport, the car rental counter, and the hotel check-in desk. However, car rental companies are taking matters into their own hands and making those lines move faster with the help of their merchant accounts. If you’ve rented a car lately at one of the major chains, then you know you rarely have to go to the customer service desk to return your rental car. The customer service representative comes to you with a wireless terminal, checks out the car, and processes your payment all in one place. This helps the car rental company to run more efficiently and the long lines to move much faster.

Restaurants and Retail
A wireless merchant account doesn’t just benefit mobile businesses. Many traditional businesses are also taking advantage of making their employees more mobile. Restaurants can use these types of terminals for delivery and for their dine-in services. Giving a terminal to every server allows those servers the ability to enter orders as they take them from customers and to process payments right at the tables, decreasing wait times. Cutting edge retail stores are also getting more mobile with their merchant accounts, allowing salespeople to process payments anywhere within the store so customers don’t have to wait in lines at the checkout.

Going wireless with your merchant account and payment processing equipment can help your business run more efficiently, allowing you to serve more customers and improve your sales. Make your business more mobile with a new merchant account today.