Ways to Increase Traffic at Your Hotel Business

A hotel is often just a place to sleep, especially for business travelers who are on their way from one meeting to the next. A check-in desk, a bed and bathroom, a continental breakfast…one hotel can look much like another. But there are times when a hotel is a destination unto itself, a home away from home during an extended vacation, or a sanctuary for someone who needs to get away and relax for a couple of days. Whatever type of lodging your hotel offers, you want to increase the amount of customer traffic you receive.

There are many ways to increase traffic at your hotel business, beginning with the smiling agent who makes reservations through the final credit card transaction at check-out time. While there are many services that can train hotel staff, perk up the décor, or redesign your room service menu, there are also a few that can help make the process of paying for hotel services a more pleasant experience for your customers. Let’s take a look at a few ways that such hospitality payment merchant services could benefit your hotel business.

First, you never know how a customer plans to pay for their stay until you ask them. If you don’t accept the one or two credit cards that the customer carries, you’ve probably lost that customer for good. They won’t use you now and they probably won’t bother calling you again.

But if you use one of the leaders in hotel payment solutions to manage your payment processes, you can assure your customer that any major credit card they may present will be accepted. The same holds true for gift cards, debit cards, or personal checks. Once a customer knows you can handle their payment types, they’ll return to take advantage of your services.

Secondly, customers like to have all hospitality expenses combined onto one bill. Room and restaurant charges, spa fees or tips for the maid can be combined onto one statement for them to review at check-out time. The right hospitality payment merchant service has the technology and equipment to ensure that your customers each receive a complete—and correct—bill when they are ready for it.

Third, customers of any business want to have their payments processed quickly, and with as little fuss as possible. Efficiency is important in a hotel business, and it is also one of the hallmarks of a reputable hospitality payment merchant service provider. Such providers are available around the clock for handling customer payment transactions or for providing technical support as needed. Your customers will find that they will spend less time checking out than ever before, getting them on the road back home or to their next destination. And that time-saving will keep them coming back.

Fourth, you want to build a loyal customer base. At the same time, customers want to return to hotels that have treated them well. That treatment might include discounts at your hotel or at local restaurants, spas, or boutiques. A hospitality payment merchant service provider should be able to design a loyalty program that suits your business. Tailored to your particular hotel, it will allow you to turn a one-time customer into one that wants to come back because you reward them for doing so. Loyalty programs help your business stand out from your competitors, keeping you in your customers’ minds long after they’ve returned home.

Fifth, travelers often find themselves in need of cash when they are away from home. Installing an ATM in your hotel gives customers the peace of mind that they will never be stranded without hard funds. A hospitality payment merchant service provider should be able to set up an ATM service for your business right there on the premises. Chances are that any cash your customers withdraw from the ATM in your lobby will be spent in your restaurant, boutique, or spa. That’s money that might have been spent at a competitive business down the street near a bank ATM machine.

Your customers will also feel safe withdrawing cash in your secure area, as well. And customers who feel safe are customers who will return. An added bonus is that each ATM transaction at your site will generate a little revenue for you. It’s a win-win solution for your customers and your business.

Finally, should problems arise at bill-paying time for your customers—unauthorized charges for example—you can offer them instant credits as needed. Whether it is handled in person or over the phone, credits can be applied quickly and with no fuss. This will cement in the minds of your customers the fact that you offer more than first-class hotel service.

Merchant services can make life a lot easier for your customers. You also offer fantastic customer service with a caring attitude. That alone could keep those customers coming back to your house time and again.