The Different Restaurant Point of Sale Systems

Every restaurant is different, which means each one has different needs when it comes to restaurant point of sale systems. Understanding what each system can do will help you decide which one will work best with your restaurant.

Cash Registers and Terminals
The term “point of sale” refers to any type of system you use to process payments, whether it’s a cash payment, a credit card payment, a check, or even a gift card. The most basic is, of course, a cash register. These days, however, if you can’t process credit cards, you will lose a lot of business. Therefore, every restaurant, big or small, needs the proper equipment to process credit card payments. A small dining establishment may only need one credit card terminal in conjunction with a merchant account. These credit card terminals are usually fairly small and allow restaurants to swipe the card, get authorization from the merchant account provider, and process the credit card payment. 

Full Service Point of Sale Systems
While some small restaurants can get away with one or two credit card processing terminals, a large, full service dining establishment needs much more to keep track of reservations, orders, inventory, sales, and payroll. These full service POS systems require the appropriate hardware, in the form of a computer system, and the appropriate software. That software helps a restaurant stay organized and run as efficiently as possible. For example, a waiter can take enter an order on one computer and it will automatically print out in the kitchen. The software can then keep track of all the orders and generate daily, weekly, or monthly sales reports. Managers can also keep track of staff schedules, payroll, and any overtime.

POS Accessories
When purchasing a POS system, you can’t forget about the basic accessories you will need to process all orders and payments. First of all, you will need one or more printers. Some POS equipment comes with a built-in printer, but you should always ask at the time of purchase. If not, you will need to purchase printers separately. You also need to consider other forms of payment, such as checks or gift cards, that may require their own equipment.

Where to Find a Restaurant POS System
Your restaurant POS system has to be compatible with your merchant account, so a good place to start is with your merchant account provider. Some merchant account providers offer equipment, either as a part of the plan or in addition to it. If yours does not, ask for recommendations from other restaurants to find out what works best and what doesn’t.

Restaurant POS equipment is a necessary and important part of your business. Knowing what you need and where to get it will make your job that much easier.

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