Satisfy Your Customers and Your Ledger with Merchant Services

Finding ways to stay afloat in tough economic times can feel like an uphill struggle. Sometimes it seems like no matter what you do, the competition is always right at your door. In this day and age, you need to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Your competitors are certainly going to.

One way you can stay ahead of the game is by taking advantage of a merchant services account. They offer business solutions that can be tailored specifically to your company, no matter what type of business you run. This extends from debit and credit card processing to online transactions and even escrow services. Here are a few examples of how merchant accounts can help a wide variety of business types grow and prosper.

Retail Businesses

If you run a retail business and still are not able to process credit cards, you are already behind the times. The good news is that credit and debit swipe terminals for retail businesses actually have some of the lowest processing fees out there. This is due to the fact that buyer fraud is far lower when you actually have to use your card in a face-to-face situation.

Another great thing about retail merchant accounts is that your provider will keep you updated with comprehensive reporting packages on all your transactions. You will also have access to technical support in case you have any questions.


Beyond simply being able to swipe cards at the cash register, there is a whole world of solutions that a restaurant merchant account can provide. One of these is the ability to open a running tab for your clients. If all the tables are full, they can sit at the bar and have a few drinks, then move to their table later, keeping drinks and dinner all on the same tab. You can even split up a check amongst several other credit cards if your diners wish.

Another handy solution for the restaurant world is utilizing wireless swipe terminals. Your wait staff can swipe customers’ cards right at their table and you can even offer curbside pickup service.

But by far the biggest advantage of wireless swipe terminals in the restaurant industry will be your ability to process debit and credit cards when you deliver food to people’s homes. More and more other restaurants are starting to be able to do this, and if yours doesn’t, people will just order from somewhere else.


If you run your business primarily over the Internet, then you can also benefit from a merchant account. It will allow you to accept not just every major credit and debit card, but also electronic checks and gift cards. You will even be able to monitor how these payments are being processed right through your website.

Worried about security issues? Your merchant account provider will take care of that as well. Built-in security tools will help to prevent fraud in all of your transactions. Your account provider will also help you minimize risk by storing all of your potentially sensitive information at a PCI-compliant data center. This is dramatically safer than storing it right on your computer.

eCommerce merchant accounts also tailor specifically to online businesses that sell a product that is to be delivered instantly. That means that if your customers want to purchase an mp3, a document, or a video file that can be transferred over the Internet, your merchant account can instantly approve their credit card information and the files can be sent over right away.

Hospitality Industry

Merchant accounts can benefit hotels of all sizes in a variety of different ways. One of these ways that is just right for the hospitality industry is a virtual terminal.

A virtual terminal is a website your merchant account provider sets up that you can log onto from any computer connected to the Internet. When someone calls to make a reservation and you take their credit card information, you just log onto your virtual terminal and punch everything in. Your account provider will take care of the rest. If they cancel, then the transaction can be easily voided.

High-end Sales

If your business sells highly priced auction items, you might be interested in escrow services. With an escrow service, the account provider essentially works as the middleman. Your customers pay the escrow service and then you ship the product. When the client receives the product and is happy with it, the escrow service releases the funds to you. If they aren’t happy with it, they can send it back and the escrow service will return the money.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways that merchant services accounts can help just about any business grow and prosper. These are just a small portion of the many ways that a merchant account can give you a leg up on the competition. Don’t hesitate. Bring your business into the future today.