Restaurant Point of Sale Overview

Restaurant point of sale can mean everything from credit card processing for your business to the equipment you use to process payments to the software you use to keep track of orders and reservations. Some restaurants have complete point of sale systems, while other restaurants simply need a terminal to process credit cards. Whatever you need for your restaurant, you can learn some of the basics right here.

Restaurant Point of Sale Equipment
The POS equipment needs of a restaurant depend on the size of the establishment and what kind of restaurant it is. For credit card processing, every restaurant will need at least some basic equipment.

Credit Card Terminals
A credit card terminal is what every business needs to swipe credit cards, get authorization for those credit cards, and process the payment. A small café may need nothing more than a credit card terminal to take care of its processing needs, while a large restaurant may need multiple terminals to handle several payments at once.

Printers and Accessories
You can’t process a credit card payment without printing out a receipt to get a signature. If your terminal doesn’t come with a built-in printer, you’ll need to purchase a separate one. You also need to take into account the need for a PIN pad in order to accept debit card payments and the need for an electronic check reader to verify all check payments.

POS Computer Hardware and Software
If you are a large restaurant with a bar and a team of servers handling multiple tables all at once, you could probably benefit from a complete point of sale system that includes a POS computer (or computers) and software. This software does much more than process payments and often includes: order processing, order ticket printing for the kitchen staff, table management and reservations, inventory tracking, employee hours and payroll, sales reports, and more.

Payment Processing
The purpose of all of that POS equipment is so you can process payments and make some profits. Even though the equipment is a big piece of the puzzle, it’s not the only piece. You need a merchant account provider to process those payments for you, get the funds from the credit card company, and pay you for the sale. That provider can be a bank or it can be an independent company that is sponsored by a bank, known as an ISO (independent sales organization). Without a restaurant merchant account you can’t accept credit cards and can’t use all of that equipment.

Prepare your restaurant to take credit card payments and process those payments. Set up your merchant account today and purchase all of the necessary point of sale equipment.