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“My experience with North American Bancard has been very positive. The customer service has been exceptional, specifically the great response time. Not having to worry about issues related to our credit card processing has allowed us to focus on what's truly important, our business. The low fees and rates is a bonus. Having such a great partner like North American Bancard has been worth its weight in gold.”I have to disagree with the negativity surrounding this company – Credit Card Processing:

Posted By: htotten on 7/22/2009

“As a developer of software and also a customer of NAB, we have found it to be a pleasure working with these people. We have worked with several card processing companies since our inception in 1997 and have found that NAB has the most reliable service of any of the major card processors. As with most of these types of companies, NAB has its share of "bad apple" marketing reps. I have read just about every complaint on this site and see the same type of complaints I see about every other processor out there. I feel sorry for the small businesses who feel that they got "ripped off". As a small business owner myself, I hate having to deal with representatives that don't know their own line of business. In the card processing arena, only about 20% of the sales agents actually know and understand the business, and can easily explain what goes on from day to day. Most of these sales agents are self employed people that only care about commission and not the customer. You can't blame everything on the "home office". I would estimate that 90% of problems revolve around sales agents that don't care enough about the customers to totally explain everything. Our representative here in Mississippi takes personal care of us. You can't beat that kind of service. I am sure that these types of sales reps are rare. If more sales agents would take their job and their customers seriously, we would see a lot less of these types of complaints.”

Jan 8, 2010
by Guest66055

“North American Bancard saved me time and money on credit card processing.... time as a small business owner is priceless.”

Nov 18, 2009
by Guest76660

“North American Bancard is great company, I've been with them for 6 years w/ my service shop.” (These are bookmarks written in house, but they’re categorized online as reviews)

by davonjan01 at 7:03 AM on 01/18/10

“Thanks to North American Bancard, our payment processing system is very smooth and streamlined. They provided us with all the tools and resources we needed to be more efficient and competitive in our field.”
by dik09law at 3:04 AM on 12/28/09

“ Merchant services from NAB go above and beyond. My business got everything we needed, from software to terminals, to process payments quickly and easily. We're extremely satisfied customers.” (Reviews also found on NAB testimonials page)

March 01, 2009 by Jamie in Irving, TX

"About a month prior to opening our store, I spoke with my local bank about a merchant account. I was told to call their sales office. After leaving multiple messages, I went to the yellow pages and found North American Bancard. They were very professional and had us up and processing by the end of the week. Additionally their pricing on the equipment and the processing was better."

March 01, 2009 by Jeff in Beaverton, OR

"We used to use our gas distributor to process our credit card sales. We contacted North American Bancard to see if we could get a better rate. They saved us money and now we get our sales deposited every day. We also have less problems with our pay at the pump system."

March 01, 2009 by North American Bancard Jobs, ISO/Agent & Reviews in Beaverton, OR

“I was shocked how responsive North American Bancard was in integrating our new merchant account with our front desk system. Not only did we get a much better rate, finally we have a vendor that understands our industry."

Submitted on 01/19/2010 by Richard Weber President / CEO

“I called into the sales line at 866.481.4604 and spoke to an associate that was very helpful. I was able to process credit cards within the same business day. I had a wonderful experience and was given great rates.”
Great equipment and customer support!

By Jimmy Durham at Insider Pages

“A wonderful merchant services company. They got me set up to accept credit cards in a matter of days! They even saved me money by enrolling me in their free equipment program!”
PROS: Free equipment, low rates, and EXCELLENT customer support
CONS: None

“North American Bancard is a revolutionary, forward thinking industry leader in providing Internet and retail merchant account services and credit card processing equipment.
•VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB
•PIN-secure and signature debit transactions
•EBT payment processing/Electronic Benefit Transfer
•Gift card and loyalty card programs
•Electronic check payment services
•Fully integrated ECA/Electronic Check Acceptance
•Secure Payment Gateway, a complete online payment solution
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