Mobile Credit Card Processing Equipment

If your business goes wherever you go, then you need mobile credit card processing equipment. To get started with this type of credit card processing, which is also known as wireless credit card processing, you need to get all of your equipment in order. Find out what you need and where to find wireless processing equipment.

Mobile Credit Card Terminals
To process credit cards anywhere and at any time, wireless credit card terminals are a must. These terminals are usually smaller than traditional terminals and are highly portable, while still being able to swipe a credit card and process a payment. Some wireless terminals are only able to process credit cards, while others can also process debit card payments.

Important Features You Need
The most important feature you need to look for when renting or purchasing your wireless credit card terminal is a reliable wireless network. Talk to your merchant account provider about which network they work with and then do some of your own research on how good that network is. There’s no point in having wireless credit card processing if you can’t ever get reliable service when you’re trying to process a payment. However, there is another important feature that can help you deal with lapses in network coverage: the “store and forward” feature. With this feature, you can still swipe credit cards and store the information in the terminal. When network service has been restored, the terminal will send the information to your merchant account provider for processing. You can continue with business as usual and have the comfort of knowing that your credit card processing will be take care of.

Other Features to Consider
If you are in any type of service business, then tips are probably a large part of your income. To offer your customers the ability to add tips to their bill, you have to confirm that your merchant account provider offers this service. Also, when comparing multiple mobile credit card terminals, it’s always important to compare all of the features that come with the terminal. Don’t overlook the importance of technical support for your terminal. If it stops working in the middle of your work day, you want to be able to solve the problem no matter where you are or what you are doing. Ask your merchant account provider if technical support is available and the hours of operation for technical support representatives.

Accessories for Wireless Credit Card Terminals
It’s a given that you need a terminal to swipe credit cards, but one important accessory you can’t forget is the printer. This allows you to get the customer’s authorization signature to charge the credit card and also provides a place for the customer to add a tip if necessary. In addition, you may want to find an appropriate case for carrying your new mobile processing terminal that will protect it and make it even easier to carry.

Equipment-Free Wireless Processing
Believe it or not, you don’t necessarily need mobile credit card processing equipment to process credit cards from any location. Sometimes all it takes is a phone. Many merchant account providers offer a phone service that allows you to use your phone to enter credit card information and get the processing you need.

Where to Get Credit Card Processing Equipment
When you’re ready to get your very own processing equipment, you should first turn to your merchant account provider. Many merchant account providers offer deals to lease or purchase equipment directly from them when you open a merchant account. If they don’t offer any terminals with an account or don’t have the terminal that you need, there are plenty of other companies that lease and/or sell wireless terminals. For recommendations, talk to other business owners in your industry to see what they’ve used, what they like, and what they don’t like.

Wireless credit card terminals are a great way to keep your business mobile. With the right equipment, you can be mobile today.