Merchant Services

 Merchant services do not only apply to accepting credit cards. They enable businesses to accept transactions through a variety of methods. These include--but are not limited to--credit and debit card processing, check guarantee and conversion services, gift and loyalty programs, payment gateways, merchant cash advances, online ordering systems, and point-of-sale systems. As an independent sales organization (ISO), North American Bancard offers all the above mentioned merchant services, or offers them through third parties. For instance, when it comes to check guarantee and check conversion services, North American Bancard works directly with Global Checks and GETI check services to assist merchants in accepting checks. Simultaneously, we work with Valutec for gift and loyalty programs. We work with a number of payment gateway systems and online ordering systems (i.e. Authorize.Net) and point-of-sale systems (i.e. Micros). Additionally, North American Bancard provides merchants with cash advances through our company Capital for Merchants (CFM).

Merchant services are a variety from which business owners choose what payment and processing forms they will accept; and they are a variety of ways in merchants will enfranchise consumers, building on the different ways they market, cater to, and service their client-base. For instance, they can keep a traditional terminal at the physical business location, using it to process in-store sales. They can also have a check reader or imager at the location with a check conversion or guarantee account, thus allowing check acceptance. Likewise, they can create a loyalty program where “regular” customers will have an incentive to return instead of going elsewhere. Additionally, merchants can use a smart phone or tablet to process credit cards at on the go and have an online ordering system for customers to order merchandise through their website. With the advances in technology, merchant services allow merchants to take full advantage of technology and globalization. They can cater to their neighborhood customers as well as customers half way across the world. This increases their client base vastly, giving their sales volume endless potential to increase. Frankly, the more options their clientele has for using their services/goods, the more money the merchant will make.

North American Bancard’s account executives can assist in measuring exactly what the needs of a specific business are. Perhaps, a merchant account will need to start off with two traditional terminals. As the business expands, the business may need a cash advance through CFM to increase their business space. Larger space allows them to invite more clients at a time, which inherently implies more sales volume. From there, they can proceed to expand their business on the internet; this also implies more business. Whatever the route for a business’s expansion may be, North American Bancard is able to not only assess and provide a business owner with the merchant services needed, but we will also guide a merchant through their growth and maturation.