How Merchant Services Can Keep the Tables Full at Your Restaurant

These days, a great restaurant isn’t just about great food. An all star chef is an all star chef, but he’s only an all star if he’s working at a restaurant that keeps its tables full. Good food is good food, but if it’s a pain for your guests to pay for their food, chances are, they won’t return.
Merchant services make it easy for your restaurant to choose a credit card processing solution that is tailor made for your business, so that you can combine credit cards for a single bill, keep a running tab from the bar to the table, add tips even after you’ve run a transaction, allow customers to keep a running tab and more.
In short, it’s the only way to keep your restaurant running smoothly, and keeping your restaurant running smoothly is the only way to keep your tables full. This article will detail a few potential scenarios, and what merchant services can do to make those scenarios go as smoothly as possible.

Scenario 1: A group of teens that want to split the bill six ways
It’s happened at all restaurants, big and small, expensive and cheap: a group of teenagers come in and order a ton of food. They realize that they don’t have the cash to pay for what they’ve eaten, but, luckily for them, they do all have daddy’s credit card. So the six of them whip them out, bright smiles and flowing hair, and kindly ask their waiter if he would mind splitting the bill six ways.
They pile their credit cards on the tray and cross their fingers – because at many restaurants, the waiter will say no. At a place where the waiter says no, the girls will face a conundrum – who will put the entire bill on her credit card? What will daddy say? Will everyone go to the ATM directly after the bill is paid, or will there be promises of, “you know I’ll pay you back”?
A restaurant that isn’t able to split the bill six ways is a restaurant that doesn’t have effective merchant services in place – and hence, may lose out on potential sales. If you tell this group of girls that you can’t split the bill, they’ll remember that in the future. They’ll be more likely to take their business elsewhere, to a place where they don’t have to worry about this sort of thing – and your tables will be a little less full.
If you do have merchant services, your waiter will be able to flash his own bright smile back and tell the girls, “of course.” Happy that they don’t have to deal with any issues of payback, the girls will resume their loud chatter and, most likely, will return to your establishment in the future, keeping your restaurant full and healthy.

Scenario 2: Going from bar to table
We’ve all seen it happen. The beautiful woman arrives alone. She’s on time, but her date isn’t. Men rarely are. The hostess isn’t able to seat until the entire party is there, so until her date arrives, she’s stuck at the bar, nursing a glass of white wine, or perhaps, a martini, while she waits. Once her date does arrive, she asks if she can simply transfer the bar tab to her dinner bill. Perhaps she’s hoping that her date will pay for the drink, perhaps she’s thinking that they’re set to order a bottle of wine and it makes more sense to just move the tab over.
A restaurant that doesn’t have merchant services in place won’t be able to do this. They’ll tell her she has to pay at the bar, and that the food bill is a separate tab. She’ll sigh, annoyed, and will pull out her credit card or fumble in her purse for a twenty. If your restaurant has merchant services, there will be no issues in this scenario. The bartender can simply nod and tell her the tab will be combined with the dinner bill.
In short, merchant services play an integral part in making sure that your restaurant runs smoothly. They allow you to accept every form of payment, from credit card to check, cash to gift and loyalty card. Good merchant services will give your customers the service that they deserve, the kind of service that keeps them coming back for more.
Payment at your restaurant is more than just accepting credit cards – it’s the ability to accept any form of payment, to combine bar tabs with table tabs, to split bills many ways – and not have to blink an eye when you do so. It’s the ability to make your customers happy, and hence, keep your tables full. A happy customer is a customer that comes back, and that’s what it’s all about.