How a Merchant Account Can Beef Up Your Restaurant Business

It is no secret that running a restaurant today is tougher than ever. With families tightening their belts across the board, eating out quickly becomes one of the first things to go.

Even with the best chef, the perfect menu, and a prime location, it can still be hard for a restaurant to stay afloat. Restaurant owners need to take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way. If they don’t, someone else surely will.

One way that more and more eating establishments are staying competitive in this day and age is through restaurant merchant accounts. The old “cash only” model is so dated that if you send a customer down the street to find an ATM, they probably won’t be coming back any time soon. You’ll be lucky if they even come back to pay the check.

But a restaurant merchant account is about far more than just being able to accept credit and debit cards. You can also use this service to accept electronic checks and even be able to issue and process gift and loyalty cards. This will keep your client base happily coming back for more.

There are all kinds of ways that a restaurant merchant account can help your business. Even if your client pays on their credit card, they can still add on their tip after the transaction has been approved. They can even leave their tip in cash if they like, which the wait staff will surely appreciate.

Another advantage that your servers will appreciate is the ability to keep a running tab open. That means that your customers are free to show up and have a few drinks at the bar while they wait for a table to open up.

Your merchant account will make it so that your customers don’t even have to close out at the bar when they get their table. The bar tab will move with them to dinner and they can close out when they like. They can even head back to the bar for a nightcap after dinner if they want, keeping the tab open the whole time. You will be amazed at how simple conveniences like this can build a loyal customer base.

Another common complaint for servers in many restaurants is splitting up a single bill amongst a table full of people. With a restaurant merchant account, it becomes easier than ever before to separate a single bill to be paid on several different credit cards. Once again, your customers and your wait staff will be amazed at how easy this all works.

The use of wireless terminals is another fantastic feature of a restaurant merchant account. There is an innumerable amount of ways that your business will be able to take advantage of this service. For one, your servers can process credit cards right at your customer’s tables. There is no more running back and forth, first dropping off the check, then picking up the card, then coming back with the receipt. When your patrons are ready to pay, their server can ring them up right then and there. This will get your diners on your way and save your servers valuable time. Everybody stays happy.

Wireless terminals can also be convenient for curbside pickup. Your customers can call their orders in and simply call back when they are around the corner. You just have to send someone out with the wireless terminal and their food and they will be on their way in no time. No signature required approvals are also available so they don’t even have to worry about signing anything. It is just swipe and go.

Of course, the most convenient part of having wireless terminals for a restaurant is when it comes to home delivery. When people order delivery, it is usually because they are either busy doing something or they just don’t feel like leaving the house. Either way, if they don’t have any cash on them, they are certainly not going to leave the house and hit an ATM before the delivery guy shows up. They are just going to order from somewhere that can process credit cards on the fly. Being able to do this will greatly benefit your business.

The plain fact is that a restaurant merchant account can work great for eating establishments of all shapes and sizes. Having an ATM machine at your corner deli might save you a little bit on card processing fees, but your customers are likely to get aggravated that you are passing the cost on down to them. A little bit of loyalty goes a long way, and people aren’t stupid. They know that you are biting the bullet and they will appreciate it.

From the fanciest steakhouse, to the biggest fast food chain, to the mom and pop Italian restaurant on your block, restaurants of every stripe are taking advantage of merchant accounts. Don’t get left in their dust. Open your restaurant merchant account today.