Free Credit Card Processing

Even though many online businesses have low overhead costs, it’s still important to save money where you can, especially when you’re just starting that business. Free online credit card processing products can help you save some cash while you get your business up and running. Learn more about the credit card processing products you may need for your internet business and how you can get those products for free.

The Components of Online Credit Card Processing
Approving and processing credit cards for an internet business is slightly different than doing so for a traditional business. Internet businesses never actually see the customer, and, therefore, never actually see the credit card that customer is using. As a result, you need to provide a secure way for customers to enter their payment information online to pay for the products they buy. These different components of online merchant accounts are the products that can often be found for free.

The Payment Gateway
The payment gateway is separate from the shopping cart. Customers choose the products they want to buy and place them in the shopping cart to save their choices. Once they are ready to purchase those products, they check out, which will take them to a payment gateway that lets them enter all of the necessary information from their credit card.

The Virtual Terminal
The virtual terminal software is what takes care of the approval and processing for that payment information. This software will send the information to your merchant account provider who will handle the authorization process.

Free Products for Online Merchant Accounts
While a merchant account is never free, many products you need to go with that merchant account are offered at no additional charge when you sign up for the account. Not all merchant account providers offer these types of deals, so make sure you research multiple companies to find the best deals. As soon as you choose a provider for your credit card processing needs, ask what kind of offers are available for new accounts. You may be able to get your virtual terminal software and your payment gateway for free. But don’t forget to ask for other deals. Many merchant account providers will also waive application and setup fees. An added benefit to getting the free products from your merchant account provider is that you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

Not Just for Internet Businesses
Payment gateways are specific to internet businesses, but virtual terminal software can be used for other types of orders. If you are a company that takes orders over the phone or by mail, you will need a way to send credit card payment information to your merchant account provider for processing. Virtual terminal software allows you to enter that information when it’s convenient for you and even send information for multiple credit cards in batches. All you need is an internet connection and a computer. A virtual terminal is also a great option for someone whose business keeps them constantly on the go. Instead of purchasing a wireless credit card terminal, one option is to use virtual terminal software instead.

Whether you own a brick and mortar business or an online one, you need credit card processing. Save your business money when you get the products you need for free.