Free Credit Card Processing Solutions

You may not be able to get all of your credit card processing services for free, but there are many free credit card processing products that you can get if you know how to ask for them. Many merchant account providers offer everything from software to actual credit card terminals at no extra charge when you sign up and are approved for an account. Find out what you can, and can’t, get for free with your new merchant account.

Credit Card Processing Application and Setup Fees
Before you even begin the application process for a new merchant account, you should consider any application and setup fees involved. They may only be one-time fees, but if you can get them for free you’ll have saved money before you even start processing credit cards. Even if a company has fees in place, don’t be afraid to ask that they be waived. If the merchant account provider won’t waive these types of fees, don’t necessarily count them out. Make sure you compare all the rates that each company offers before you make a final decision. One company may charge a setup fee but offer free processing equipment, resulting in bigger savings for you.

Credit Card Terminals and Equipment
Specialized equipment is never cheap and rarely free, but one way you can save a lot of money for credit card processing is by getting free processing equipment. Once you choose the account you need for your business and are approved by the merchant account provider, that provider may offer free terminals with the account. Some merchant account providers will even offer a choice of terminals so you don’t have to worry about getting a terminal that you don’t want. A great benefit of getting the free credit card terminal directly from your merchant account provider is that you’ll know that it is compatible with your merchant account. If you need a wireless merchant account, you’ll be happy to know that some merchant account providers also offer free wireless credit card processing equipment as well.

Equipment Accessories
While free equipment is great, you don’t want to overlook the accessories you might need to go with the equipment. If the credit card terminal doesn’t come with a built-in printer, you will need a separate printer for printing out all of your receipts. Also, if you’d like to process checks electronically, you may need a separate check verification machine. Not all merchant account providers offer the accessories at no additional charge, but you still may be able to strike a deal.

Free Credit Card Processing Software
Not everyone opening a merchant account needs a machine to process credit cards. Online businesses only need the appropriate software to gather credit card information and transfer that information to the merchant account provider. Much like the equipment some merchant account providers offer, free software is often included with a new merchant account. This may include a payment gateway that allows customers to securely enter sensitive financial information to pay for your products, and it may include a virtual terminal for you to enter a customer’s credit card information if he or she provided it to you over the phone or via the mail.

Too Good to Be True?
It may sound too good to be true, but these kinds of offers are not uncommon in the credit card processing industry. Of course, you should always read the fine print on any contract you sign and always ask questions if the agreement isn’t clear. If you need more than one credit card terminal, check to see if the offer is good for multiple terminals. Ask the same question if you need multiple software licenses for your processing needs. Last but not least, remember that any special offers on equipment are usually only good for as long as you have a merchant account with that specific provider. If you decide to change providers, you will most likely have to give up your equipment.

Find the merchant account solutions you need and find them for free. Start looking for a new merchant account today.