Free Credit Card Processing Software

Opening a merchant account to accept credit card payments can give a boost to your business, but it can also mean additional expenses. If you’re looking for ways to save money on your credit card processing, consider opening your merchant account with a provider that offers free credit card processing software. If your merchant account provider doesn’t offer free software, just ask! You might be surprised what free offers they will give you.

Who Needs Credit Card Processing Software?
If you’re a traditional business that sells products out of a store, then you probably get credit card payment information by swiping the credit card with a machine known as a point-of-sale terminal. If this is the only kind of business you own, then you probably don’t need this type of software. Businesses that have an online store or that sell their products exclusively online will need card processing software to accept credit cards and process those payments. Because it’s not an actual point-of-sale terminal, it’s also known as a virtual terminal.

What Does a Virtual Terminal Do?
The main difference between a virtual terminal and a credit card terminal is that an actual terminal requires you to have the card in hand to swipe it through the machine. With a virtual terminal, you are able to get all of the credit card information for processing without ever actually seeing the card itself. A virtual terminal allows you to enter all of the financial information you need using a computer and an internet connection. Just like a POS terminal, the virtual terminal sends that information to the merchant account provider for approval and, if approved, the provider then processes the payment. Many virtual terminals offer processing for a variety of payments, including debit card, gift card, and electronic check payments.

Credit Card Processing with a Payment Gateway
If you need credit card processing for your online business, then you will need more than a virtual terminal: you’ll also need a payment gateway. When you’re looking for free offers for a virtual terminal, don’t forget to also ask about a free payment gateway. The payment gateway is what your customers use when they are purchasing products from your online store. Once a customer has finished shopping and wants to check out of the online shopping cart, the payment gateway is where he or she will enter payment information for approval and processing.

How to Get Free Software
You may be thinking that an offer for free software sounds great, but does it really exist? Believe it or not, free offers for virtual terminals and/or payment gateways are not unusual in the credit card processing industry. When you are shopping around for a merchant account provider, make a point of asking what is offered for free with the account. If they don’t offer anything, keep shopping around. You may have to look a little longer, but you could save yourself a lot of money.

Free Trials
Another way to take advantage of free offers is to go for the free trial downloads of virtual terminals. These allow you to test out software for a certain period of time to see if you actually like the way it works. If you don’t like it, you won’t have wasted any money and can continue shopping.

The Importance of Security
Before you agree to take free software for your credit card processing needs, make sure that it comes with built-in security features. When dealing with financial information on the internet, it is of the utmost importance that your site protects not only your financial information, but also that of your customers. Without it, you open yourself up to fraud and theft, and customers will not feel safe shopping at your store. Protect yourself and your business by only using a secure virtual terminal, otherwise you could end up losing a lot more money than you save.

Credit card processing doesn’t always have to be expensive. Talk to your merchant account provider about their current free offers for processing software.