Free Credit Card Processing Equipment

Do you want free credit card processing equipment with your new merchant account? Believe it or not, many merchant account providers offer free credit card terminals when you open a new account. Regardless of the type of credit card processing that you need, you can find the free terminals you’re looking for. So before you sign up for your next merchant account, do your research and find the merchant account provider that can offer you not only the best rates, but also the free equipment.

Retail Credit Card Terminals
The most common type of credit card terminal is used for retail stores. Almost every retail store now accepts credit cards as a form of payment and needs processing for those payments. Leasing or purchasing terminals can become a major expense, especially for small businesses, but one way to cut that expense is to get those terminals for free. Search for merchant account providers that also offer credit card terminals as part of their services and then be sure to ask if the provider has any free deals for any of its machines. Some merchant account providers will even offer more than one model for free, allowing you to choose the one that is best for your retail store.

Retail Accessories
You may need more than just a credit card machine to fully process payments, so don’t forget to ask about accessories. Those accessories include a printer, a check verification terminal, and a debit card PIN pad. Most merchant account providers don’t include the accessories in the free offer, but always ask if it’s possible. The more money you can save your retail business, the better.

Restaurant Credit Card Processing Terminals
Restaurants are a unique type of business and require their own credit card terminals and features. It’s important when looking for a merchant account provider that the provider understands the needs of restaurant credit card processing and offers the right processing equipment for free. Features every restaurant business owner needs to ask about include: combining multiples bills, splitting the check for multiple credit card payments, and adding tips to the bill. Also, many restaurants need multiple terminals for payment processing, so it’s important to ask how many of those terminals are free.

Restaurant Point-of-Sale Software
For restaurants, a credit card terminal without the appropriate software is almost useless. Restaurants require much more from their credit card processing software than just the processing. Restaurants must be able to keep track of all of the tables, which ones are reserved, and which ones are available. Order tracking is another feature that restaurants can’t live without and software that can automatically print the orders in the kitchen for the cooks keeps everything running smoothly. Some restaurant point-of-sale software even keeps track of inventory, helping the buyer to know when to order more food. Other great features include sales reporting and employee time clocks. Because this type of software contains so many features it can be expensive. When asking a merchant account provider about free credit card terminals, always remember to ask about the software too.

Wireless Credit Card Processing Equipment
Those who have a business that’s mobile also need specialized credit card machines. If the merchant account you need is a wireless one, then you need a terminal that can go, and process payments, wherever you go. Even though these terminals are specialized, they can also be found for free with certain merchant account providers. Never hesitate to ask what you can get for free, regardless of the type of equipment that you need.

Other Free Stuff
Your business can save money on credit card processing in more ways than one. Getting free terminals is one of the best ways to save money, but while you’re looking for a merchant account provider, remember to look for other ways to get free stuff. Ask merchant account providers if they are willing to waive application and/or setup fees before you apply for the account. These one-time fees may not accrue over time like other merchant account fees, but waiving them can save you money at the most crucial time – when you’re just starting out. If you plan on taking your business online, you’ll also need important software for processing those online payments. Before you pay for that software, ask if the merchant account provider is willing to offer it to you at no additional cost.

Credit card processing can be expensive, but there are plenty of free deals available to you. Never be afraid to ask for the best deal possible and you may be surprised about how much money you can save.