Electronic Processing for Mail Orders

Does your company still take mail orders? You are not alone. Even with the rise in internet businesses, many companies still accept orders and payment information by mail. If you want to accept mail order payments, then you do need some form of electronic processing for those payments. Read more about why you need an electronic solution for processing mail orders and payments.

Why You Need Electronic Processing
You may be receiving your orders by mail, but once you receive that credit card information, you still need a way to get the credit card number approved, process the payment, and get the funds. The only way to do that is to have a merchant account set up with a merchant account provider to process those payments and have a virtual terminal to securely transfer the information to the merchant account provider.

What You Need for Electronic Processing
Though you do need a merchant account provider, you can’t necessarily use a traditional merchant account for transactions where the credit card is swiped. You must confirm that your merchant account provider is capable of processing card-not-present transactions. If your provider does offer such an account, then you need to find out which virtual terminal software that account is compatible with. Many merchant account providers may even offer a virtual terminal software at a low or no cost to you for opening up the account. Once you have both of these things in place, you can begin electronic processing for your mail order payments.

Other Things to Consider
There are a couple things to keep in mind when you decide on an electronic solution for mail order payments. Because you won’t have the actual credit card to swipe, your merchant account provider will most likely require you to get additional verification information from the cardholder. Make sure you request the most common forms of verification on the order form, including the billing address and/or the phone number associated with the account. Next, confirm that the virtual terminal that you choose comes with built-in security features to protect your financial information and your customer’s information. Lastly, remember that merchant accounts for card-not-present transactions often have higher rates than traditional card-present accounts. Always ask about the rates before signing up for the account.

When you understand everything that goes into electronic processing for mail order payments, you’ll have an easier time setting up your merchant account. Start accepting mail order payments today.