Credit Card Processing

When it comes to credit card processing companies, getting all of your services in one place makes your life easier and your business more successful. NAB is an industry leader in payment processing for credit cards and offers all of the services you need, whether you're opening a new business or have an established company that's looking to expand. NAB makes applying for a merchant account fast and easy with a FREE online application process. Open your merchant account with NAB today and you'll have all of the payment solutions that you need.

NAB knows that every business wants to increase sales and expand, so we make a point of offering the solutions that help your business do just that. Our credit card processing services include everything from mobile payment processing to the selling and leasing of credit card terminals. If you want your business to be the most successful that it can be, you need to work with a credit card processing service that is equally successful - NAB!

How Credit Card Processing Helps Your Business
In today's marketplace, if you can't take payments by credit card, you're going to lose a lot of business. If customers aren't paying with an actual credit card, then they may be paying with a debit card, in which case you will still need to process it as a form of payment. Why lose business to someone else who can accept all forms of payment? The minute you use a credit card processing service, the opportunity for your business to grow becomes that much larger.

The Benefits of Accepting Credit Cards
When you accept credit cards, you can increase your sales in a number of ways. First and foremost is the overall convenience for your customers. Not all customers carry cash all the time and credit or debit cards give them the chance to purchase whenever they want. More importantly, credit card processing companies allow you to accept payments anywhere and at any time. Your sales no longer have to be tied to regular business hours or to local customers. A woman in Seattle who wants to purchase earrings from a store in South Carolina will only be able to do so if that store has the ability to accept a credit card payment. Better yet, if that store has a website that can process that payment online, that woman can shop on her time and not the store's time. Without those advantages, that South Carolina store loses a customer. With credit card processing, you can open up your business to customers you've never had before.

Types of Credit Card Processing
Whether you own a retail store that needs to take a credit card payment on-site or you have an ecommerce site that takes payments online, NAB can help you with your payment processing needs. Our payment processing solutions include retail, restaurant, hotel, wireless, Internet, telephone, B2B, and even government.

Regardless of the kind of payment processing solution you need, you'll find it at NAB. Contact us today about opening a merchant account.