Credit Card Processing: The Convenient Key to Keeping Loyal Customers

Make a customer happy and that customer is more likely to return to your place of business than he or she will be to try out your competitor. And return business is the bread and butter of many companies.

But what is the best way to make-and keep-a customer loyal to your business? How do you go about getting them to come back time and again? There are a number of answers, from providing the best service to the best products to convenient shopping hours. One other answer you might not have considered is your method of processing your customers’ payments.

More people use credit cards today than ever before since those little rectangles of plastic were invented. They make life simpler and safer because customers no longer have to carry around large sums of cash or bulky checkbooks. Credit cards companies offer liability limits so customers can rest easier if their cards are lost or stolen. Once cash goes missing-whether intentionally or by accident-it’s gone for good. So the main way a business can earn customer loyalty is to offer credit cards as a payment option.

But with more businesses beginning to accept credit cards every day, how does a business stand out in the crowd well enough to attract and keep loyal customers? There are a number of ways to go about it.

First, a business should be sure to accept all major brands of credit cards. Don’t limit yourself to only one or two. If you don’t accept a particular credit card and the customer doesn’t have cash, he or she will shop elsewhere. Once again, your competitor will have the advantage over you.

To start accepting credit cards, you’ll need to set up a merchant account. These easy to use accounts allow a business to process all types of credit cards that any customer might present. Look for a merchant account provider that offers the latest technology to ensure that your payment processing is smooth, simple and streamlined. It will make the entire checkout process easier for you, your employees and your valued customers.

Processing a credit card charge is usually faster than processing a cash or check payment. A single swipe, entry of a code-it’s done! No change to count back, no phone calls to verify a check’s validity-and no risk a week later that that check might bounce after all. Credit card processing is much simpler and faster. The customer will appreciate the quick check-out time-whether it’s online or in person, online or even on the telephone-and will, therefore, be more likely to return to your place of business.

The customer will also have a record of their purchase-not just in the receipt that you hand them at the time, but in the electronic records of the credit card company. This will show up in their statement each month so they can see where they’ve spent their money. Seeing your business’s name on their statement will remind them of their pleasant experience with you, resulting in them returning for more of your products or services.

Another simple way to grow customer loyalty is by having your staff look at what’s printed on the front of each credit card: the customer’s name. Many people appreciate being called by name when they are involved in a sales transaction. The fact that the sales associate took the time to read and correctly pronounce his or her name can have a customer leaving your place of business with a smile. And that smile will almost guarantee that the customer will return.

A business that accepts credit cards can also build customer loyalty through telephone sales. The fact that you accept credit cards will allow a customer to call your business, order a particular item over the telephone, and have it charged to their credit card. They don’t have to leave home. They don’t have to sign onto a computer and fill out any forms. If you send out sales flyers and they see something they want, they can call you, charge the item, and have it delivered. This is convenience of the simplest type, and customers will appreciate and remember it.

So if your business needs to build its customer base, take the first step of setting up a merchant account so that you can accept credit card payments. With the right merchant credit card processing services, you’ll have a healthy list of loyal customers in no time.