Choose a Point of Sale System for Your Restaurant

Choosing a point of sale system for your restaurant is easier if you know exactly what you need, and what you need depends almost entirely on the type of restaurant that you own. Find out more about what different types of restaurants require from a POS system.

Fast Food Restaurants
If you own a fast food dining establishment, then you need a POS system that works as efficiently as the rest of your restaurant. Known as quick service point of sale systems, these systems are often streamlined. You don’t need many of the features that full service restaurants typically require, such as reservation and table management, separate bar bills, and the ability to add tips. However, you do need to look for features specific to quick service systems, including the ability to process special offers and meal deals.

POS Systems for Delivery
For those who own a restaurant that specializes in delivery, such as a pizza place, there are special POS systems to help you manage the delivery process and keep track of payments. Look for a system that allows you to enter a “to go,” “delivery,” or “eat-in” option. When you take a delivery order, you want software that allows you to add all the necessary information, including the customer’s address, phone number, and directions to the customer’s location. Another concern is keeping track of those delivery orders, which drivers are delivering specific orders, and how the payment is being processed. The best delivery POS systems give you the ability to manage all orders, drivers, and payments.

Fine Dining/Full Service Restaurants
A fine dining or full service restaurant needs the most sophisticated point of sale software available. These systems can help you manage every aspect of your restaurant and keep your business running smoothly.

Reservations and Managing Tables
One of the most important features for any large restaurant is keeping track of your reservations and of the seating at all of your tables. Without a system that helps you do that, you’ll quickly experience chaos, unhappy customers, and lost business.

Unlike fast food restaurants that have one streamlined bill and payment process, full service restaurants have to consider all of the different possibilities. One table may decide to split the bill three ways, while another table may want to combine the dinner bill with the bar bill. On top of the various bills, you need to be able to accept tips. If you offer gift certificates, your system needs to process those payments as well.

A large restaurant has a large staff of managers, hosts, waiters, cooks, and bar tenders. Systems that can manage employee schedules and overtime make your life easier. Many of these POS systems can even handle all of your payroll management needs.

Other Features
Full service POS systems can do a lot for your restaurant, including tracking inventory, tracking sales, generating sales reports, and tracking vendors. These full service POS systems may be expensive, but the benefits can quickly outweigh the costs.

No two restaurants are alike. Knowing which features you need from your POS system will help your business run more effectively and be more successful.

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