Accepting Credit Cards: An Essential for any Successful Business


What are the elements necessary to allow your business to grow and prosper into the future? If you run a retail business that operates out of a physical location, you are going to need to be in the right area. You could offer the best products and services around, but if you are out in the middle of nowhere, people won’t even know you exist.

Putting together the right team of coworkers is also essential to the success of your establishment. The people you work with surround you every day and if you don’t get along with them, it will lead to an unhealthy environment. Not only do you need to work well with these people, but your customers also want to feel comfortable in your establishment. Friendly and helpful workers are essential to that.

But no matter where you are located or who you work with, when you own a business of any size, there are many matters that are entirely up to you. One of those issues is deciding what types of payments you accept.

In this modern age, it is increasingly essential that you accept as many different forms of payment as possible. Many consumers expect to be able to pay with their credit or debit cards and you had better be able to accept them if you want your business to succeed. Here are a few ways that your business can accept plastic through a merchant services account.

Credit Card Processing Through Retail Swipe Terminals

Walk into just about any convenience or grocery store and you will see a machine at the counter or register where you can swipe your debit or credit card. These machines are called retail swipe terminals.

Retail swipe terminals come in many different forms. Some of them allow you to sign your name on a screen while others have a built-in printer that lets your customers sign a physical piece of paper. There are even machines that don’t require a signature at all. Talk to your merchant account provider about what type of swipe terminal is right for your business.

If your provider offers you “free” processing equipment, you need to make sure to ask if there is any “fine print.” Some companies will give you the swipe terminals for no charge in exchange for signing a long-term contract. The catch is that if you decide to switch providers, they will charge you an exorbitant fee.

If you aren’t sure about a certain provider, talk to the customer service representatives about possibly just buying the terminals outright to avoid any future charges. This may save you money in the long run, and if you switch providers you can take your machines with you.

Wireless Terminals

The traditional swipe terminal needs to be plugged into an outlet and set in a stationary place. But there are many businesses that may want to be more mobile with their payment processing.

Many larger stores nowadays have purchased wireless terminals so that their sales associates can process payments from anywhere in the store. This way, if you have someone showing you where the lawnmowers are, they can check you out right from the aisle. This can also help your business process commissions, and give your workers more incentive to make a sale.

Wireless terminals are also great for businesses that are constantly mobile. Delivery drivers, touring bands and traveling salespeople can finally process plastic on the go with one of these handy devices. Even if you are temporarily out of a service area, many of these terminals utilize a “store and forward” function that allow you to swipe the card and then transmit the information later.

Online Processing

Did you know that the majority of purchases made over the Internet today are paid for with a credit or debit card? For many years, people were hesitant about the idea of paying with plastic over the Internet for fear of identity theft. But with advances in web security those fears are becoming a thing of the past.

When you sign up for online credit card processing through a merchant account, you and your customers can feel safe about every transaction. You will be provided with fraud-detection software, and all of your sensitive information will be stored on a PCI-compliant data center that is far more secure than storing it on your own hard drive.

However you end up transferring your customer’s credit card information, the end result for you is always the same. Your account provider will take care of all the complicated transactions and in a few short business days, the money will be transferred into your business bank account.

Credit card processing is only one of the ways that a merchant services account can help to grow your business. Many providers also offer expedited check acceptance, gift card programs, and even escrow services. Call an account provider today to talk about what options can help to grow your business.