Accepting Credit Cards: A Surefire Way to Grow Your Business

As a business owner in an increasingly competitive marketplace, trying to identify and implement strategies to increase your profits, grow your customer base and become more competitive can be mind-boggling. For many businesses, though, there is one simple solution that can yield big results in a relatively short period of time. It’s opening a merchant account, a move that will allow you to begin accepting credit cards at your business.


By accepting credit cards, your business can attract new customers and keep current customers happy, all while increasing your overall sales level. A merchant account can also help ensure you can compete effectively with other businesses, whether online or around the corner. Even better, today’s merchant accounts are more flexible, simpler to use, and have lower costs than ever before.


Today, there are dozens of merchant account providers that are more than willing to aid you in your search for the perfect account services package, so take the time you need to select a merchant account provider that is well known and that has a good reputation among the customers it serves.


Seek out an account provider who has experience serving your type of business, and offers a range of merchant account types – retail, online, mail order or telephone sales, and mobile services – to meet the needs of your business both today and in the future.


Opening a merchant account is a straightforward process that can be completed entirely online. Locating the provider that’s right for you, from among hundreds of merchant account providers, may take a little more time and effort, but remember: your merchant account provider will be an important partner in your success, and your research into finding the best company can pay off big time.


Now that you have a few ideas of how to look for a merchant account provider, you might be wondering how credit cards can help your business grow. In a nutshell: consumers love credit cards. Here are a few reasons why:


  • Credit cards offer flexible payment options for every consumer. Consumers who use credit cards can fit nearly any purchase into their budget by paying an affordable amount over time. As long as the minimum monthly payment is made, consumers can adjust the amount they pay each month by the amount of extra cash they have available in their budget. And unlike a loan that is gone once it’s used, the available balance on a credit card can be replenished as the existing balance is paid down.
  • Many credit cards offer rewards, like free hotel stays, merchandise, airline miles, and other perks to the card holders who use them. As a result, many consumers have found that the wise use of credit cards can actually pay them back handsomely.
  • Credit cards are also more convenient than cash, and are more secure, as well. When cash is stolen or lost, it’s gone for good, but a lost or stolen credit card can be replaced quickly. The convenience of cards also means consumers do not need to anticipate every expense before embarking on a shopping trip.
  • Credit cards help consumers build that all-important credit score, which can factor into home and auto purchases, and even insurance fees.


What’s more, consumers who use credit cards are more likely to be repeat customers, and are likely to shop more frequently, than those who pay with cash. Credit card customers also make many more impulse purchases, and those purchases are of higher amounts, than buyers paying cash.


With so many advantages, it’s easy to see how a merchant account can help you grow your business. If you haven’t explored merchant accounts lately, you need to see what today’s accounts have to offer you and your business. The Internet is a great place to begin the search for a merchant account. Understand your account options and then take some time to consider the account type and services that are best for your unique business needs.