A VeriFone Credit Card Terminal Adds Value To Your Business

VeriFone Holdings Inc. is a world leader for payment solutions and the company is committed to enabling merchants and customers alike to make secure, risk-free electronic payments over VeriFone credit card terminals, as well as other payment gateways.

The company manufactures electronic payment devices, and is patronized by retailers, both big and small, government and healthcare organizations, financial institutions and payment processors. Headquartered in San Jose, California the organization’s North America Financial Group allows processors, ISO’s and merchants to deliver quality payment solutions to a multitude of businesses of varied size and type. In a nutshell, the company offers its customers a complete solution of secure and efficient payment portals.

The Evolution of VeriFone
Incorporated and founded in Hawaii in 1981, the company was named after their first product, a name which was derived from Verification Telephone.  Owned at one point by Hewlett-Packard, and after by Gores Technology Group, VeriFone has become a recognized and well-respected brand in its own right. With their product line focused on electronic payment solutions for a wide number of industries, most notably petroleum, retail, financial, hospitality, government and healthcare, the company has now tied up with Hypercom and Ingenico. This alliance was formed to establish the Secure POS Vendor Alliance, which is a non-profit organization whose agenda is to improve and heighten awareness on security in the payment industry.

VeriFone Credit Card Terminal: How It Can Help Your Business
A VeriFone credit card terminal is used by a majority of businesses these days because they are efficient, reliable and add value to any business. Some of the primary advantages of investing in a credit card terminal for your business are -

Increased Payment Options
A VeriFone credit card terminal increases the payment options you can offer your customers by allowing them the convenience to pay by debit or credit card for the goods and services they have availed from you.

Protection Against Fraud
VeriFone credit card terminals are designed to protect you and your customers from credit card fraud. These secure credit card terminals are equipped with encryption technology to protect credit card information that is being processed and transmitted.

Do Away With Miscalculation
Another major advantage of a credit card terminal is that it will help you significantly cut back on accounting errors that tend to crop up every so often with cash transactions. 

Go Wireless
With wireless VeriFone credit card terminals you can take you business on the road and seal the deal 24/7 anytime, anywhere. These credit card terminals process transactions online through a cellular or satellite network, and are especially useful at trade kiosks or stalls.

To conclude, when you invest in a VeriFone credit card machine you get a reliable, premium and superior product that will soon become an indispensible business tool.