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Cost-Effective Payment Processing Solutions

Look no further than Empire NAB in New York, New York, for complete and secure payment processing solutions for your business. We offer a variety of Empire NAB payment terminals and options for prompt and accurate payment transactions.

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Product Info

Ingenico ICT220 CL

Ingenico ICT220 CL

Verifone Vx680

Verifone Vx680

Verifone Vx520

Verifone Vx520

Verifone VX670


Mobile Swipe

Mobile Swipe

Pay Anywhere Storefront

Pay Anywhere Storefront



Based on your business you can get our payment solutions at rates as well as 0.55%.  For card present accounts, special discount pricing is available once the card is swiped through a terminal and obtains electronic authorization. For card not present accounts, special discount pricing quoted is available when transaction is keyed and obtains electronic authorization. The detailed rates are as follows:

Card Present Accounts (Retail)

  • Visa™ and MasterCard™ Qualified Check Card Rates - as Low as 1.00%
  • Visa and MasterCard Qualified Credit Card Rates - as Low as 1.59%
  • Charge per Authorization - $0.12

Card Not Present Accounts (E-Commerce and Phone Order)

  • Visa and MasterCard Qualified Rates - as Low as 2.19%
  • Charge per Authorization - %0.15

Apple PayTM Machine

One of our latest innovations in payment technology is the Apple Pay system. This technology allows contactless payments and transactions through Apple devices, and is compatible with Near Field Communication (NFC) and Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV). By October, every merchant in the US is required to have an Apple Pay Terminal. Learn more about Apple Pay by checking our brochure.

Terminals and Payment Modes

Take your pick from a selection of payment terminals that work just right for your type of business. Our equipment solutions include:

  • Internet Connected Terminal
  • Dial-Up Terminals (via Phone)
  • Wireless Terminal (Uses GPRS Wireless Network)
  • E-Commerce Solutions (via E-Commerce Website)
  • PC or PC-Based POS Software
  • Check Imager (Converts Paper Checks to Electronic Transactions)
  • PIN Pad (for Debit Transactions)
  • Tap and Go Technology (Contactless Payments on POS and ECR Systems)

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